The right coffee cup boosts style and taste

When it comes to coffee, Utopia’s Barista collection tailors cup to serve

The nation is obsessed with coffee and now that there are loads of good alternatives to cow’s milk, steamy white coffees can be made for all requirements. There are even decent decafs around for those steering clear of caffeine. The options available are ever expanding from a simple café au lait, the ever-popular latte, to the cold indulgent frappes and affogato. And most recently the Instagram-able freakshake with its highly imaginative toppings is a popular hit.

Whatever your choice it needs to be served in the correct cup. For the ultimate in stylishness across the coffee choices Utopia, the market leader in tableware, has expanded its Barista collection to include specialised shapes for all the current coffee favourites. Designed exclusively for Utopia, Barista is made from a vitrified porcelain body and is dishwasher safe.

Available in eight colourways taking in black, blue, brown, cream, green, grey, red and white, the collection can be mixed and matched for an individual look. There are cups, mugs and matching saucers all designed to complement the serve. Barista makes it easy to get it right.

Specifically for large coffee serves, the mighty 35cl cup is perfect for upsized lattes, big hot chocolates or speciality brews. The smaller 28cl cup is perfectly designed for regular lattes. It is still large enough to accommodate the amount of foam and barista art that latte drinkers have come to expect.

For perfect aesthetics, the volume of the drink and the cup must match. The narrower base of the 20cl cappuccino cup helps concentrate the flavour. Cappuccino cups should always be accompanied by matching saucers. The large surface area of the cup is perfect to accommodate the foam topping and charm of the cappuccino.

The flat white 16cl cup is similar to the cappuccino but unique in specific ways. It is a taller,
smaller cup as it doesn’t need space for foam but does need to bring more flavour to the coffee. Barista’s 18cl tulip cup is ideal for americanos and filter coffee. The shape brings the flavour through the cup and the compact structure keeps the temperature locked in.

True coffee afficionados crave the espresso experience, for this Barista has a small, narrow based 8cl cup designed to give boost the aroma and give the proper presentation of an espresso.

Tea drinkers need not feel left out as the collection also includes 45cl teapots with removable metal strainers to hold specialist loose leaf tea, A generous 42cl mug offers tea drinkers the ultimate way to enjoy a brew. This mug also makes a perfect way to serve a loaded coffee-based freakshake.