Save Serve, save and be safe

New Conservewell drop-in utensil holder from FEM designed to save resources

Businesses are under pressure to save resources. Firstly, there are the environmental consequences of squandering resources and secondly, there is a huge financial cost associated with wastage. With careful choice of equipment, savings can be made quite easily.

Traditional perpetual-flow dipper wells for holder utensils during serving periods waste an enormous amount of water. FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) now supplies the Conservewell drop-in utensil holder from Server Products that can help foodservice establishments save around 1million litres of water per year for each dipping well replaced.

The Conservewell is a simple unit that holds serving utensils in a water bath keeping them above 60°C, ensuring they are safe from bacterial growth. To keep utensils clean and prevent contamination the water needs to be changed regularly. To alert staff when to change the water, the unit has a programmable countdown timer with an adjustable volume audible alarm. There is also a model available without the timer if preferred.

Manufactured from a cool-touch composite material the Conservewell protects serving staff from burns. It drops into most existing 140 – 165mm diameter counter cut-outs for perpetual flow dipper wells.

Supplied with a 1.8m, 230V power lead it can be plugged in above or below the counter. The overall size of the Conservewell is 173 (w) x 264 (d) x 238 (h) mm. Each unit comes with a stainless steel inset with finger indents to the side for ease of cleaning or replacement.