Rack ‘em up – just the once

Camrack 4-in-1 system from FEM streamlines warewashing, storage and transport

It’s time consuming to transfer glassware and crockery from washing racks to storage racks, what’s more that’s when breakages occur. FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) supplies the Cambro Camrack 4-in-1 system which enables glassware and crockery to be washed, stored and transported in the same rack eliminating the need for extra handling, reducing the chances for breakages and significantly cutting down on staff time.

With a wide variety of compartment options and plate configurations available, the complete Camrack system of racks, covers and Camdolly provides a fully enclosed, portable sanitary storage unit keeping glassware and crockery clean and safe at all times.

During washing Camrack’s open inside compartments allow thorough circulation of water and detergents to leave items sparkling. They also encourage quick, complete drying, speeding up the throughput in the washing area. The racks measure 500 x 500mm so they can be used with most commercial grade dishwashers.  They are manufactured from long-lasting polypropylene, which will withstand chemicals and high temperatures up to 93.3°C.

After washing the racks can be loaded onto a Camdolly base and topped with a Camrack top cover so the system is fully enclosed and safe from dirt for storage. The Camdolly has heavy duty castors which can be easily manoeuvred over all types of flooring into a storage area. The racks have a variety of base colours to help operators identify contents at a glance.

This system offers a simple and safe washing and storage solution. The Camracks used to wash and store glassware and crockery are the same ones used to transport them.  Their closed walls keep contents safe and their smooth sides and rounded corners reduce the risk of injury. Easy-to-grip, rounded handles on all four sides provide comfortable handling.

Another bonus is the system, with its closed sides and cover, eliminates the need for rewashing after storage, further reducing labour, water usage and detergent expenses. In short, Camracks offer an economical and environmentally-friendly warewashing solution that provides simplified and efficient workflows.

Camrack full-sized glass racks are available in seven different compartment sizes, with varying heights with a base rack choice of ten different colours for each Camrack configuration.

For more information and details of local stockists call FEM on +44 (0) 1355 244111, email sales@fem.co.uk or visit www.fem.co.uk