Hattie spins wooden discs to help endangered animals

Norfolk nine year old dreams up art competition to raise funds for WWF

When nine year-old Hattie Gray learnt about the threat of extinction that hangs over so much of the world’s wildlife, she decided to do something about it, by raising funds for the World Wildlife Fund.  Hattie goes to Aldborough Primary School in North Norfolk and she figured that a good way to get things rolling would be to get all her friends and fellow students to join in.

Which is how she came up with the idea of an art competition – but not just any old art.  Hattie added her own spin by getting her mum to purchase a job lot of wooden discs for the purpose“The discs represent the Earth,” she explains.  “The children who entered had to decorate one in any way they wanted, but the design had to be something to do with our planet.  They could use glitter, glue, pens, craft materials – anything they liked… so long as they paid the £1 entry fee!”

In the event, no less than 87 children entered, raising £92 for WWF.  The discs are currently taking pride of place on display in the school.  “I was really pleased with how my competition went because we helped animals and the planet,” says Hattie.  “All the money we raised went to a brilliant cause.  It has been an amazing experience and I am so thankful to all the people who helped me, and especially to all the ones who entered.”

Mrs Helen Bearman is Head of Aldborough School.  She says, “We are all so proud of Hattie, who thought up such a great fundraising idea, and of all the budding artists who entered the competition.  It is typical of the wonderful children at Aldborough to think of ways to help others, whether people or animals!”

The picture shows, from left,  Hattie, aged nine of Class 4, with Autumn, aged five of Class 1, who won the Key Stage 1 best disc award, and Florence, aged nine of Class 4, who won the Key Stage 2 best disc award.

Aldborough Primary School is in North Norfolk, between Aylsham and Cromer, and has 127 children on roll.  Visit www.aldborough.norfolk.sch.uk for more information.