Lots of buns in the toaster – and no more soggy bottoms!

The Prince Castle batch bun toaster for faster and perfect toasting from FEM

Toasted buns are an integral part of the burger experience but they’ve got to be just right. Sitting atop of a burger they are the first thing the customer sees on the plate or when they open their takeaway box. The Prince Castle batch bun toaster available from FEM, is designed to perfectly caramelise large quantities of buns quickly and easily.

Using a durable nickel-plated heating platen, the 212-GFCCE toasts up to 12 complete buns at a time. It ensures uniform heat throughout the bun, and seals its surface against saturation by burgers and dressings – so no more soggy buns. Visible and audible alarms signal when the toast cycle is complete, to further speed up serving and turnarounds.

An adjustable cycle timer from 20-100 seconds and an adjustable thermostat give precise toasting of all types of bread products. A stainless steel bun board with a heavy-duty insulated handle ensures proper crush for perfect caramelisation and the toaster can be adjusted to accommodate different thicknesses of buns. A spatula is included as standard to help with the transfer of the buns to and from the plates.

The 212-GFCCE has a width of 698cm, a depth of 406cm and a height of 295cm and has a power requirement of 2.3kW.  It comes with a one year parts and labour warranty.