Fabulous glasses, darling

Utopia introduces twenties optimism with the Raffles glasses collection

To evoke the style, fun, frivolity and passion for life of the roaring twenties Utopia has introduced the Raffles fine cut crystal collection of glasses. With Raffles decadence has never looked quite so refined.

Available in four options, this fine cut crystal collection is rakishly stylish and epitomises the optimism of the twenties, an era where everything seemed possible. Raffles is the perfect collection to pave the way out of the strictures of lockdown and lift the collective gloom.

The four designs in the Raffles collection each compliment a different ambience. The classic diamond cut glass pattern for a solid retro feel; the thin vertical lines option is for a more minimalist, sophisticated approach; then there is a vintage design which combines the classic diamond cut with vertical lines; while a totally smooth version is for those who prefer the drink to be the star of the show.

All are available in a variety of size and shapes covering coupe, tall champagne, tumbler, gin globe and, of course, as it’s a twenties inspired range, Martini.