Get down to earth with Briar tableware

Umbra Briar from Utopia exudes rustic charm

The drive towards sustainability and sourcing local produce in the restaurant business is contributing to a focus on a rustic aesthetic in design. Interiors incorporate earthy tones which are reminiscent of nature, creating a sense of warmth, comfort and wholesomeness.  Tableware plays a key role in the look.

Utopia’s new Briar tableware colourway brings pastoral charm to the tabletop. Featuring a wash of subtle pastel colour, with a darker brown edge and random speckling, each piece is hand finished to give a unique appearance. Briar makes a perfect backdrop for an eco-friendly food choice from simple fare to the inventiveness of fine dining chefs.

Made from vitrified porcelain, the Briar collection comes with a five year edge chip warranty making it ideal for commercial users. Briar is available as 30cm, 27cm and 23cm coupe plates, a 26cm coupe bowl, a smaller 15cm bowl and 37cm and 30cm oblong serving plates.