Making eco-friendly waves

Utopia introduces the curvy Amorf recycled glasses

Sustainability is the watchword and recycling is the key to conserving resources. Eco-friendly products are becoming the sought after, must haves. Utopia, a company that aims to be at the forefront of responsible design, has introduced a pair of unusual recycled glasses called Amorf, which are guaranteed to up environmental credentials at the same time as enhancing drinks presentation.

Amorf’s turquoise colour is inspired by the Bosphorus and lazy beach days. The glasses have a modern wave form for a standout, fun serve and are available as either a tumbler or taller long drink glass.  Both are ideal for sparkling or still water, soft drinks and cocktails. They look great in the summer sunshine or, equally, they can brighten up a dull day.

Amorf is part of Pasabahce’s Aware Collection of 100% recycled glassware. The Aware Collection brings aesthetics and style together to create eco-friendly products that protect the planet for future generations.

The 35cl Amorf tumbler measures 68 x 86mm, while the 44cl hi-ball glass measures 87 x 150mm. They are both dishwasher safe and robust.

“We are conscious that the hospitality industry is intent on reining back on waste in all aspects of its operation,” says Josh Rammell, Marketing Manager at Utopia. “These Amorf recycled glasses cut down on the need to use new raw materials in their production, reducing their carbon footprint and thus protecting the environment.