Say no to micro-organisms: glasses just got safer and more hygienic

Utopia launches Pasabahce glasses with V-Block antimicrobial treatment for ultimate hygiene

With the re-opening of the hospitality industry, hygiene is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and new solutions to build public confidence and enhance safety are entering the market. Always at the forefront, Utopia is launching Pasabahce glasses treated with the new V-Block technology from Şişecam Group. V-Block prevents the growth of micro-organisms on glass surfaces, contributing to a safer and more hygienic environment for consumers and businesses.

V-Block Technology uses a special formula applied to the glass at high temperatures during the production process. A strong chemical bond with the glass is formed creating a nanometre thick roughness so micro-organisms cannot attach to the glass surface.  The V-Block coating stays active during the full life cycle of the glassware and is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.

“We believe this is the world’s first glassware to be treated with an antimicrobial coating,” says Josh Rammell, marketing manager at Utopia. “It will help support the fight against the global pandemic, offering ultra-hygiene with no sacrifice to style or function.”

Glasses treated with V-Block are ideal for places with a risk of transmission and cross contamination, such as hotels, cafes, hospitals and dining halls. The V-Block product range includes stemware, tumblers, beer glasses and mugs in the smart Pasabahce range.