Versicarte PRO – the most versatile mobile food servery counter ever?

Moffat launches latest version of popular Versicarte range


Moffat’s Versicarte has been the go-to choice for mobile food serveries in schools since the 1970s, when the original concept was developed.  Now the company has launched a whole new range, the Versicarte PRO, which includes extensive upgrades, new designs and the latest technologies.  What hasn’t changed is the Versicarte’s versatility – indeed, Moffat believes this is the company’s most versatile servery counter system ever.


Versicarte PRO mobile servery counters that can be butted together, in a straight line or other shape, to form a complete foodservice solution.  Their mobility means they can be rearranged so the layout can adapt to different menus, events and applications.  When not in use, the Versicartes can be wheeled out of the way so that the area can be used for other purposes.  This is a huge benefit in schools, but other foodservice operators have also cottoned on to the Versicarte advantage, so that the units are now found in cafés, pubs, hotels and banqueting halls.


A key feature of the Versicarte PRO range is the huge choice of models and accessories.  For example, there are no less than eight different styles of gantry, including square and curved glass versions, open and closed.  There are island modules well as self-serve and serve-assist versions, and they include hot, ambient and chilled units.  Altogether there are literally hundreds of variants, so that the customer can tailor their Versicarte Pro to their exact requirements.


The Versicarte PRO range includes a number of new units – most topically, a hand sanitiser module with tray storage below.  It’s also available in a huge varietyof exciting colours, such as Aztec Yellow, Poppy Red and Vandyke Brown, so that customers can specify an option to match their décor or style.  Alternatively there’s a choice of wood grain finishes, including Academy Maple and Lampre Beech.


The use of the latest foodservice technologies ensures that Versicarte PRO keeps food safely, protected and in top condition, while also minimising energy use.  For example, refrigerated modules use eco-friendly R290 natural refrigerant and feature Moffat’s new Polar air stream, a constant air curtain that maintains temperature and keeps the cold air inside the unit, even in open-fronted merchandisers.


One thing that remains the same with the latest Versicarte is the value for money – the Versicarte PRO is very competitively priced.  For example, a Versicarte PRO 3GN capacity hot top with a hot cupboard featuring a Neo Ceram top, curved glass, open front, tray rail and a quartz heated and illuminated gantry, (model numbers VC3HT, VC3QG and VC3TR),  has a list price, including accessories, of just £2,685 plus VAT.