Supercapri creates a super display for ice cream and gelato

Latest range from Taylor UK creates an authentic Italian style display ideal for the staycation market

Taylor UK has launched a stylish new range of ice cream display cabinets from Italian manufacturer ISA. The Supercapri range is available in frozen and chilled versions, which can be used to create an attractive and safe way of displaying ice creams and gelatos or cakes and other treats.

With 2021 expected to see significant increases in the number of people staying in the UK for their holidays, the Supercapri range is an excellent way for cafes and ice cream parlours to provide a range of artisanal ice cream and gelato to help meet the demand.

Constructed from robust stainless steel, with a glass enclosed storage area providing excellent product visibility, Supercapri is available in a choice of different designs suitable for a range of outlets. They can be used as standalone units or suited together to create an integrated counter. The angled design is aesthetically pleasing, while helping to maximise the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

The glass panels are fitted with heated cavities that reduce the formation of condensation, with the front panel being hinged to help make cleaning and maintenance simple. The air cooling system draws air in from the operator’s side and exhausts it from the lower front panel, which helps to create a more pleasant working environment and prevents warm air being circulated back into the cabinet, guaranteeing maximum operational efficiency.

The range has three different ventilation options, allowing for different amounts of product to be stored safely. The Plus option uses a single evaporator with a double front mounted air outflow suitable for flat pans of ice cream, single portions and lollies. Plus 1 uses a double evaporator and a single rear outflow with a lower display level, creating a larger cold zone that allows for product to extend above the edge of the container without melting, while Plus 2’s double evaporator/double flow allows for ice cream and gelato to be displayed in the authentic “mountain” style as seen in Italian parlours.

The front and side panels can be personalised to any RAL colour code, making them easy to customise to fit the site’s décor, while cool white LED lighting helps to display the product attractively. Further customisation options include cone holders, scoop washers and specialised containers for the frozen variants.  Self-rolling night curtains as well as remote refrigeration installation are available for both frozen and chilled versions.


The range comes in three different sizes, which can all be fitted with the three different cooling options. Model 120 is 1152mm long, Model 170 1647mm and Model 220 2142mm.