Moffat’s latest Vgen trolley: very versatile, very efficient

Advanced technologies keep food in perfect condition, throughout transport and service

The latest foodservice trolley for healthcare and education is not only versatile and energy efficient, it’s also robust, good looking and simple to operate.  Plus, it’s manufactured by a British company, in the UK.

Moffat first launched this incarnation of its Vgen trolley in 2019.  Now the company has given it an extensive upgrade, including improved aesthetics as well as push bars and gantries featuring a special protective, wipe-clean coating.  The model’s new bumpers are more pliable and thus protect both the trolley and walls and doors from impact.

Vgen is all about versatility.  The trolleys are compatible with cook-serve, cook-chill and cook-freeze systems. Stand-out features include a multi-zone oven that can hold different foods at different temperatures in one cabinet – individual heated zones can be switched off if not required.  Meanwhile the refrigeration units combine finless condenser technology, the latest high-performance insulation and eco-friendly, thermally efficient refrigerant.  Together they reduce energy consumption and running costs while minimising maintenance requirements.

The new Vgen is available in a variety of configurations.  It can have one, two or three compartments.  Each compartment can be used for regen, refrigeration, ambient or warm storage.   Thus a single trolley could incorporate a regen oven, a refrigeration cabinet and ambient storage.

A host of features ensures food quality is maintained during both transport and service.  For example, refrigerated models are fan-assisted to guarantee rapid pull-down times.   The Vgen’s oven is capable of holding all types of food, at the same time, whatever the dietary requirements.  From heavy products like mashed potatoes, to delicate ones like soufflé, to puréed dishes, the three-zone oven keeps them all in perfect condition, at each one’s ideal temperature, ready for serving.

Ease of use was a prime design criterion for the Vgen.  Thus the user-friendly colour touchscreen controller is easy to program and can be used in fully-automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode.  It can also be used to download HACCP information.   Bright LED lights show the trolley’s status at a glance – for example, flashing red LEDs indicate the oven door is open.

Each Vgen can be customised to meet a site’s specific requirements, using the wide range of accessories.  In addition, Moffat can supply the facia in a variety of finishes and colours, to suit an establishment’s décor and style.