Delivery bags designed to go the distance

FEM’s Vollrath delivery bags with heat pads for going that extra mile

FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) has launched a new Vollrath delivery bag with a removable heat pad to maintain food temperature and quality for the longest time possible and extend the delivery range. The new tower bag joins the existing pizza bags, catering bags and backpack carriers in the Vollrath range. All are manufactured to preserve and protect the contents of the bag with high-performance insulation and sturdy construction.

The tower bags are ideal for bike and scooter delivery, with adjustable backstraps plus an anchor strap and headrest strap for extra comfort and security. A metal steam port release moisture without releasing heat during transportation. A separate heat pad slips into a pocket in the delivery bag to pre-heat before the bag is loaded to keep the food hotter for longer. Food can be placed into the pre-heated bag and the heat pad unplugged as soon as the delivery is ready to go.

For car and van deliveries, FEM offers the 5-Series catering bag, which has an optional 12V in-car charger that can be used to heat the bag during the journey, further extending the delivery range. Alternatively, there is an option with a heat pack and power pack. There are five heat settings to choose from and, depending on the setting and bag size, the power pack will last from three to four hours. The 12V in-car charger can be used to recharge the lithium-ion power pack between deliveries.

There is no point in producing fabulous food if it is cold and soggy by the time it reaches the customer. It needs to be transported in the best delivery bag available so there are no complaints.