The face of things to come

Utopia supplies disposable masks to keep the hospitality industry safe

Face masks are going to be the way forward in the hospitality industry as it strives to make its way in a Covid-19 world. Businesses want to get up and running and customers are itching to get together for a drink and something to eat. To keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of infection it’s looking as if masks are set to be the norm.

Locations and tasks require a variety of different solutions, with the launch of three disposable face masks Utopia can offer a solution whatever the situation. Masks give a uniform appearance to both the front and back of house team while enhancing hygiene and safety. This will help build customer confidence in a visible way, which will be a major factor in the success of restarting a business.

Disposable masks offer the highest assurance of safety as there is no risk of transfer of infection by re-use or ineffectual cleaning methods. All the masks have at least a three-ply construction, the outer layers are non-woven fabric and central layer is made of melt-blown material underwriting the BFE (Bacterial Efficiency Level).

The general mask type has a BFE minimum filtration level of 90% and holds GB/T 32610 accreditation. The second offers more protection with a BFE filtration level of 95% and holds EN14683:2019. This is a Type 1 medical mask. Both types measure 170 x 95mm, are available in blue or white and pack sizes of 50.

For situations that require more protection the KN95 mask is ideal. It has an additional layer of melt-blown material and fits closely to the face so that air cannot pass the edges of the mask achieving very efficient filtration of airborne particles. The mask is individually bagged and is made of four layers, including two layers of melt blown fabric, giving a BFE of 95%. The mask holds GB2626:2006 accreditation which is the equivalent of EN149:2001+A1 2009.

All face masks need to be fitted correctly and, as they are disposable, they must be discarded immediately after use to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Kathryn Oldershaw, marketing director of Utopia says, “One thing we’re very aware of is that foodservice operators do not want to feel that their PPE may be depriving healthcare workers, so we have developed new sources that won’t in any way interfere with NHS supplies.”