Light the way to hygiene with Pujadas’ UV lamp

New product available from FEM helps to kill 99% of germs

FEM are now supplying ultraviolet germicidal lamps from Pujadas.  They are ideal for businesses looking for a simple way to help disinfect surfaces and objects.

UV light kills 99% of germs and bacteria exposed to it. Many hospitals use powerful UV lights in conjunction with traditional cleaning methods to help disinfect rooms and equipment, and as the catering and foodservice industry ramps up its hygiene standards in response to the covid-19 pandemic many businesses are looking to harness this technique for themselves.

The UV lamp from Pujadas provides a simple way of disinfecting a range of surfaces and objects, including tablecloths, covers, electronic devices and face masks to name a few. Requiring only two AAA batteries, it is constructed from sturdy plastic and features a directional lightbulb allowing items to be processed safely, with no danger of exposing the operator’s eyes to the UV light. Controlled with a single button, a minimum exposure of just 20 seconds breaks apart bacterial DNA, with no chemicals and leaving no odour. This makes it a great method of sterilising objects that can’t be cleaned by traditional methods as well as providing a top-up to the regular cleaning schedule to those that can.

They are available to order from FEM now, along with a comprehensive range of products designed to help businesses maintain control over every aspect of hygiene.