FEM helps keep your utensils ultraviolet clean

Sirman’s UV sterilisers help to guarantee the integrity of cooking utensils, hassle-free

FEM now supplies a range of UV sterilisation cabinets from Sirman. These are ideal for sterilising cutlery, utensils and glasses and can help as part of an infection control system.

Exposing washed items to ultraviolet light helps to kill any remaining bacteria. This needs to be done for at least an hour in order to achieve sterilisation, but as UV light can be dangerous to eyes it needs to be done in a sealed environment.

The range is made from stainless steel and has a smoked plexiglass door, cutting down harmful emissions while still allowing visual checking. They are controlled with a switch and a timer, allowing operators to easily dial in the required time, up to a maximum of 120 minutes, with the unit automatically turning off at the end of the cycle.

A selection of different sizes are available, including countertop and wall-mountable units as well as options with different power requirements.

For example, the compact 16W unit measuring 400w x 140d x 620h mm can be fitted to a wall. It includes a removable plexiglass shelf for holding utensils upright, so there’s no need to turn the contents halfway through to guarantee the bactericidal effect.  This is ideal for kitchens with limited space.

Likewise, the Vista model is a countertop unit, 400w x 300d x 350h mm. It’s available in 16w and 24w versions and can feature either one or two shelves, or a rack for holding tablets in a vertical orientation. This allows it to process a greater range of items including glasses and larger accessories while still being suitable for smaller locations.

The largest unit is 400w x 300d x 620h mm, requiring 24w and suitable for locations needing more capacity.

With the Covid-19 pandemic requiring the foodservice and catering industries to increase the focus on a hygienic working environment, Sirman’s UV sterilisers provide an easy to use method of guaranteeing the safety of vital utensils, helping to protect both customers and staff.