Scotsman’s supercubes are ice therapy’s secret weapon

Large, slow melting cubes are ideal for variety of medical uses

Ice has many medical uses, and each of those uses has a type of ice best suited for it. Softer forms of ice are best for internal soothing and hydration but for some therapies, using either a bath or an ice pack, harder, slower melting ice cubes are better. An increasing number of hospitals, NHS trusts and other medical facilities rely on Scotsman’s range of supercube ice machines to provide a steady supply of ice for a range of treatments.

The Scotsman range is distributed in the UK by Hubbard Systems.

Supercubes are well suited for use in healthcare. They’re made by spraying water upwards into a mold, which allows any impurities in the water to fall down before it fully freezes. The resulting purity of the water creates clear, hard ice that melts slowly. This helps to cool water faster, and for longer, and makes it ideal for bath treatments where full body cooling isn’t required.

Scotsman’s AC and EC series are self-contained ice machines that are compact and easy to install in hospitals and medical facilities requiring a supply of Supercube ice. While the AC range needs to be sited over a gravity drain, EC units have a drain pump which provides greater flexibility in where it can be installed.

Both series have units with a range of maximum outputs from 25kg per day up to 170kg, and four sizes of cube can be specified from a small 8g cube up to the extra large 60g.

Scotsman ice machines are designed to be simple to use and easy to maintain, with anti-microbial compounds included in key components and a front mounted, removable air filter.  Their advanced control system means that they can be programmed to produces only what is required to maintain a user-defined quantity of ice cubes. This avoids waste, helps to reduce energy use and lowers running costs.