Moffat rushes to supply foodservice trolleys to Nightingale Hospital

Flexible trolley can adapt to changing foodservice systems

Moffat has come to the rescue of a Nightingale Hospital that was having a hard time sourcing equipment for its catering operation.  The Scottish manufacturer, which has developed a wide range of hospital catering equipment, supplied foodservice trolleys to the new hospital in double quick time.

“Having received an urgent appeal call, the Moffat team were able to process the request within a matter of days to ensure that essential supply services for the NHS could be fulfilled” says Kal Kalsi, senior sales manager at Moffat.  “That was fast by any standards – but we’ve honed our operation to focus on the NHS and the care sector, to try to ensure they get any equipment they need, as quickly as possible.”

The trolleys were Versigen Single Tray Service models (model VTSH30CRC), each of which is designed to hold up to 30 trays of meals.  The trolleys are split into two compartments – one is refrigerated, the other has a Moffat Chillogen system.  The trayed food in the Chillogen compartment is held chilled until required, at which point the system switches to regen and heats up the food to its serving temperature, maintaining this throughout the service period.  Meanwhile the refrigerated compartment keeps food chilled.

Kalsi says, “These trolleys offer a very flexible solution – the Chillogen system means the food transported can be cold or hot. Chillogen is effectively a fridge, a regen oven and a hot cupboard in one.  It’s compatible with cook chill or cook serve operations – so it’s the ideal solution if the way patients’ food is cooked and served is subject to change, since it can adapt.

“The procurement team at the hospital Trust were very effusive in their thanks that we were able to supply them so quickly,” says Kalsi.  “And we at Moffat were proud to be able to help and support the NHS in this challenging period.”