Multi-Chef offers multi-level, multifunctional and chic buffet presentation

Parsley in Time launches latest Rosseto ideas

Foodservice operators looking for that elusive something to make their buffet display stand out should check out the latest Multi-Chef modules from Rosseto, which have been launched by Parsley in Time.

Multi-Chef features serving stations and risers made of stainless steel and available in various colours, now including steel, bronze and black.  There’s a choice of complementary designs, too, with Japanese-style geometric cut outs balanced by chunky frames on diamond-shaped legs.

Modules can be linked together with shelves, or can act as standalone serving stations.  Multi-Chef can be enhanced with a wide range of Rosseto accessories such as glass shelves, bamboo boards, coolers and heaters.

Because the modules are available in a variety of heights, caterers can create eye-catching, multi-level architectural buffet displays that deliver a real ‘wow’ factor.

Multi-Chef is part of the market-leading Rosseto range.  Rosseto is the original upmarket modular food display system and it offers a huge range of risers, shelves and ancillary equipment, allowing caterers to present their food in original styles.  Because Multi-Chef is so straightforward to assemble and take apart, it’s very easy to adapt the buffet presentation, making it a truly multifunctional display that can keep up with changing menus and applications.

Parsley in Time and Rosseto have published an ‘Inspiration Guide’ featuring inventive and stylish presentation ideas using Multi-Chef and other Rosseto lines.  It’s available free and can be downloaded from the Parsley in Time website.

Parsley in Time will keep a comprehensive range of Rosseto products in stock, offering same day or next day delivery options.