Moffat shows multifunctional Vgen at the HCA Forum 2020

Stand 15, HCA Forum 2-3rd April 2020

With over 50 years specialising in hospital catering equipment, British manufacturer Moffat has developed an innovative approach to the industry. As a result, it now provides a range of market leading hospital catering equipment, from Grab & Go merchandisers and regeneration trolleys, to bespoke restaurant counters and mobile servery solutions.

With adaptability key in hospital and care catering, Moffat’s Vgen foodservice trolley is manufactured with maximum multi-functionality in mind. It is compatible with cook-serve, cook-chill and cook-freeze systems. Stand-out features include a multi-zone oven that can hold different foods at different temperatures in one cabinet. Typical of the trolley’s energy saving features is the fact that individual heated zones can be switched off if not required.  Meanwhile the refrigeration units combine finless condenser technology, the latest high-performance insulation and eco-friendly, thermally efficient R290 refrigerant.  Together they reduce energy consumption and running costs while minimising maintenance requirements.

The Vgen is available in a variety of configurations.  It can have one, two or three compartments.  Each compartment can be either for regen, refrigeration, ambient or warm storage. Thus a single trolley could have both a regen and a refrigeration cabinet.  All are designed to maintain food quality.  For example, the refrigerated model is fan-assisted to ensure rapid pull down times.

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