Dominator Plus flexi pan

Falcon launches heavy duty version of its super-versatile appliance

Falcon has developed a Dominator Plus version of its innovative flexi pan.  The versatile appliance, model number E3741, is a bratt pan, large pot, sauté pan, wok, griddle and pan steamer in one.  One of the factors that sets the Falcon flexi pan apart is its user-friendly operations – chefs simply turn the control dial to the desired cooking mode, while the control panel displays the optimum settings for the main cooking methods.

As well as being easy to use, the Dominator Plus flexi pan is easy to install, since it requires no plumbing – the manual water fill means there’s no need to connect a water supply.  Its robust construction is matched by its fast performance, with the unit running off a 3-phase 32 amp supply.

The Dominator Plus flexi pan is truly multifunctional and can shallow fry, griddle, boil, stew, poach and braise.  It can also be used to steam, with the optional steaming tray and lid accessory.  The temperature range is 60-280°C and temperature control is incredibly accurate and consistent, with the cooking heat spread evenly across the base.  This means that cooking results are predictable, making it easy to ensure top quality results.  The pan retains its heat, so food can be kept warm before service without overcooking.

Practical features include a GN 1/1 tray fitted in the cabinet below the pan, for easy transfer of stews and soups.  The unit is designed to be easy to clean, with rounded internal corners and wipe-down surfaces.

The new Dominator Plus flexi pan measures 400mm wide by 770 deep and 890mm high, with the cooking pan having a capacity of 12 litres.