Clean green with BioHygiene

Advanced cleaning products are designed to reduce environmental impact

One of the largest environmental impacts the foodservice industry has is its use of cleaning chemicals. This impact is felt not just through their disposal but throughout their production cycle. As part of its commitment to improving sustainability, Parsley in Time is now distributing cleaning products from BioHygiene.

This range has been designed from first principles, using cutting edge bio technology and green chemistry to cause minimal environmental damage, while maintaining the cleaning power foodservice demands.

The range is made using natural, renewable alternatives to standard chemicals, without the environmentally hazardous production methods required to make them. Wherever possible, UK suppliers of raw ingredients are used in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the production process.

The range includes products designed for cleaning kitchens, toilets and front of house areas as well as odour stoppers, organic descalers, and graffiti removers.

With the addition of BioHygiene to its range of products, Parsley in Time is continuing its ongoing effort to make available the most environmentally friendly products to the industry. “We’re always looking for ways to help businesses operate cleaner, leaner and greener,” says Rob Blunderfield, operations manager of Parsley in Time. “BioHygiene’s products combine professional cleaning power and ecological credibility at competitive prices, making them ideal for any company operating on those same principles.”

Parsley in Time and BioHygiene also provide a comprehensive after-sales training and support service to ensure users are getting the most cleaning power out of their products.