Tough Tulips: fine glassware from Parsley in Time

Wine and water glasses engineered to look great and last

Fine wine is best from fine glassware – but for restaurants, there’s an issue: fine glassware is not only expensive, it also tends to be delicate.  Now Parsley in Time has launched the ‘tough’ Tulips: part of the Nude Stem Zero range, marketed by Utopia, these lead free, crystal glasses combine eye-catching good looks with a specially modified surface that strengthens the glass – making them both tough and fine.

The Tulip glasses’ striking looks are based around the combination of an ultra-slender stem and a generous, flat-bottomed bowl with gently tapered sides.  The rim is crystal cut.  There are three glasses to choose from, a 30cl flute plus 70cl and 100cl wine goblets.  All of them are handmade and are perfect for serving the finest wines, as the design enhances both flavour and aroma.  Complementing the Tulip glasses is a matching 64.5cl water glass.

“Despite looking exquisite, these Tulips really are tough,” says Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager at Parsley in Time.  “They are super light and super fine, but much stronger than standard fine wine glasses.  Where a conventional wine glass might get knocked over and break, these guys won’t crack.  Of course they are also dishwash safe.  They will definitely save a busy restaurant a lot in breakages – and money.”

The Stem Zero Tulip glasses are available direct from Parsley in Time, for same-day (inside the M25) or next-day delivery.