The secret life of trays

Cambro’s guide helps select the right tray for the right job.

Trays are found in every bar, restaurant and banqueting facility. They go through a tremendous amount of wear and tear in a typical foodservice environment and many are not designed to survive the daily rough and tumble and frequent warewashing cycles. But they need to look good, they are at the customer interface, they make a statement about the business and it needs to be positive.

Cambro is an expert when it comes to tray design and manufacture, making sure each tray is fit for purpose, getting the food to customers safely and efficiently.

To help businesses get the best fit for their specific requirements Cambro has published a Tray Selection Guide, which is available to download from the Cambro website, It shows what different types of tray are available and what tasks they are best suited to, including which Cambro model fits the bill.  A handy grid makes it easy to make sure the choice of tray ticks all the right boxes.

For some extra help Cambro has put together the following pointers on just what a tray can do for a business. It can:

Cut down on accidents and breakages. A non-skid surface prevents items from slipping off the tray and causing spills and accidents. This tray gives staff the confidence to balance and efficiently navigate a tray full of dishes or drinks through busy bars and tables.

For example, Cambro Camtread trays have a durable, fiberglass construction featuring a heavy-duty, non-skid rubber surface that will not wear out or lose integrity from warewashing demands.

Get branding out there. Never miss a chance to make a statement. In restaurants with cafeteria-style serving, customers get used to picking up a tray each time they enter the serving line. That means you have a chance to make two impressions each time a customer comes in to eat. First, with the tray they’re holding and second, with the food they eat on top of it. 

Cambro trays work for your brand. They can be personalised with logos, images or any type of artwork. For a touch of sophistication, subtle surface embossing can take your brand to the next level.

Increase profit while being environmentally friendly. Switching to non-skid trays can increase your bottom line while decreasing waste. The non-skid surface of the Camtread tray keeps items in place without the use of paper tray mats and they are more stable and secure to handle than trays lined with a paper mat.

Be stylish and practical.  Diners love wood trays. They look great when new but they don’t wear well. Cambro Century Wood Grain Trays are made of high performance polyester for intensive use but have a textured woodgrain pattern that covers the tray from edge to edge and top and bottom for a real wood look and feel. They are scratch, chemical and break-resistant, are dishwasher safe while being contemporary and stylish.

Give long service. Trays that damage easily are not only a hazard for staff and customers but they are also costly to replace. Cambro trays have a sturdy construction combined with the ability to resist scratches, chips and cracks offering built-in cost savings by reducing the frequency of replacing damaged trays and all have a five year warranty.

Stack tidily. Trays need to stack securely and not trap moisture. Cambro trays feature stacking lugs for proper air flow for fast drying and perfect stacking.

Offer choice in shape, colour and size. Cambro trays are available in round, oval and rectangular shapes in a vast range of colours.

The company has a comprehensive range of trays to cover all types of service from an intimate bistro or coffee shop setting, through restaurants, bars and nightclubs to big staff canteens and giant multi-site operators.