Measure for measure, performance that adds up!

Cambro’s new High Heat Measuring Cups take the heat without cracking.

Plastic measuring equipment for liquids goes through countless heating and cooling cycles during its lifetime in the kitchen, but over time, becomes brittle and must be replaced.  Cambro has launched new High Heat Measuring Cups in two and four litre sizes to combat this problem. NSF approved, and made from BPA-free heat tolerant material that won’t crack or shatter during regular use, they are safe for use in commercial microwaves, ovens and dishwashers, and can be used with hot liquids, oils or sauces.

Made from the same heat tolerant, food-grade material as Cambro High Heat H-Pans, they can withstand temperatures ranging from -40˚ to +190˚C. 75% lighter than their glass counterparts, they have a moulded-in handle that stays cool to the touch. Designed for easy pouring, the cups are ideal for heating liquids or sauces in a microwave, collecting hot water or coffee from a dispenser, filling steam tables or chafing dishes, or rehydrating food products.

Standard and metric graduations are moulded-in to each measuring cup, ensuring accuracy and consistency. They are available in a translucent amber colour.

An optional splatter-proof cover can be purchased separately to fit both size cups. This self-venting cover is designed to prevent splatters and spills that can occur during heating and handling, keeping the inside of the microwave or oven clean and the operator protected.