It’s hot at the top!

Moffat introduces new Hot-Tops to its range of Drop-In display modules.

 To add even more flexibility to its range of modular Drop-In display counters Moffat has launched new Hot-Tops. The Hot-Tops are designed to slot seamlessly into any new or existing ambient counter structure. They can be dropped into custom-built breakfast bars, shop-fitted service counters or buffets made from different materials including stainless steel, granite, marble, tiles or Corian.

A sleek Neo-Ceram glass construction makes the Hot-Tops surface perfect for keeping pre-cooked food at a safe serving temperature. The high performance ceramic glass is robust, provides constant heat over hot surfaces and is easy to clean and keep hygienic.

Central to the quality of food presentation is a quartz illuminated gantry, which is mounted above the Hot-Tops. This heated, well-lit device provides clear visibility of the food served, while protecting it with a shielding glass panel. The profile for this panel can be tailored for the best fit for a site, with both curved and square options available.

All Drop-In models are designed to coordinate with each other, and are ‘plug and go’ units. This means that once dropped into the counter, a Hot-Top can be plugged into a power socket and is ready to go.