Drop in, serve up

Moffat’s versatile range of Drop Ins for foodservice counters, breakfast bars and buffets

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Moffat has launched a range of Drop In units designed to be, literally, dropped in to foodservice counters, breakfast bars and buffets.  Featuring a wide range of models, each unit comprises all the working parts of a foodservice counter.  They are supplied ready to be inserted into any new or existing counter, whether shop-fitted or custom-built, including those made of stainless steel, granite, marble, ceramic tiles or Corian.

Being ‘plug and go’ units, once dropped into the counter, they can be plugged in to a power supply and are ready for action.

The Drop Ins are attractively designed to coordinate with each other.  The units can be tailored to the design of the site – for example, gantries can have curved or square glass profiles, both of which ensure high visibility of the food.

Typical of the versatility of the Drop Ins are the bain-maries.  There’s a choice of wet or dry heat models, both of which have easy-lift raised pan lips to support Gastronorm containers.  Optional well-adaptors include ones for round pots, a carvery pad and a ceramic hot-pad.  Moffat also offers the option of a faucet for wet wells.  Gantry options include open front, closed front, which features a choice of standard or tall heights, and island, for units being accessed from both sides.

The Drop Ins feature Moffat’s advanced technologies such as the Sahara multi-fan system.  This saves energy by blowing re-circulated air through heating or chilling elements, rather than the conventional method of drawing air through the heat exchanger or heating elements first.  It’s not only more energy-efficient – in tests on a bain-marie it reduced consumption by nearly half – it’s also up to 55% faster and offers more accurate temperature control than conventional systems.

As well as the standard Drop Ins, both for plated meal service and grab and go, Moffat offers a variety of other units such as soup stations, cutlery and condiment dispensers, and plate dispensers.

To promote the launch Moffat is offering an extra 5% discount off list price for all orders placed and invoiced before December 20th 2019.