How to get it right for the serious coffee drinker

Utopia’s Barista range now available in seven colours and six different cup styles

There are many different ways of serving coffee and presentation is an integral part of the modern coffee experience. Any establishment serving coffee needs a good selection of coffee cups and mugs to tick all the boxes. Utopia’s carefully created Barista range is designed to provide the right cups for the discerning coffee drinker to get the perfect serve, every time, whether it’s an espresso, a flat white or another specialist brew. Barista is made from vitrified porcelain to give the best quality at the most affordable price.

The coffee shop has come a long way since the first one was opened in Oxford in 1652. The current boom began as a crop of independent artisan café concepts and has now expanded into the mainstream with premium and speciality coffee available across hotels, supermarket cafes, pubs and vending machines. In-store coffee is now a focus for attracting footfall and retaining custom. Coffee drinkers’ expectations have never been higher. The coffee itself has drastically improved over the years and the way it is served has become an artform in itself.

So, what coffee needs what cup? Barista has it covered. There are seven colours of blue, grey, green, white, black, mocha, red and cream. The different styles have been refined for different serves. These are serious cups for serious coffee drinkers.

Espresso – For the true espresso experience, it needs to be 2-3oz measure and served with a handle. The small size helps lock in temperature, with the narrow base concentrating the flavour. All this combines to give the real aroma and proper presentation of an espresso.

Cappuccino – For perfect aesthetics, volume of the drink and the cup must match. Like espresso the narrower base helps concentrate the flavour. Cappuccino cups should always be accompanied by matching saucers. The large surface area of the cup is perfect to show off the foam topping, the charm of the cappuccino and the artistry of the barista.

Latte – Similar to the cappuccino cup but it must fit the volume, as a latte is 11-15oz it needs to accommodate the amount of foam and barista art that goes into the drink.

Flat white – Similar to the cappuccino but unique in specific ways. A taller, smaller cup due to less foam, bringing more flavour to the coffee.

Tulip – Perfect for americano serves, longer filter coffee and speciality tea serves. The shape brings the flavour through the cup but the compact structure keeps the temperature locked in.

Mighty cup – Specifically for those large 12.25oz coffee serves, it’s perfect for upsized lattes, big hot chocolates or speciality brews.