Dine out or dine at home, Cambro shows how to get food delivered safely

Cambro at Host Milan, 18-22 October 2019, Stand F46 G45 – Hall 04

Preparation is one thing but dishes still need to be transported to the expectant diner whether they are eating in a restaurant or waiting for a meal to be delivered to their home. Cambro has all the bases covered and at Host Milan will be showing a variety of solutions including the UPC Ultra Camcart mobile holding cabinet range, the Epictread Tray, the Century Grain Wood Tray and the Cam GoBox. Other ranges featured include new High Heat measuring cups and the new compact adjustable dish caddy S-Series.

Typical of the Camcart range is the UPC800.  This extremely tough, double-compartment, high capacity mobile cabinet is designed to store and move hot or cold food safely. Its thick CFC-free foam insulation and moulded-in handles make is ideal for events like banquets, maintaining food pan temperatures without electricity for four or more hours, while being easy to manoeuvre.  Because it’s rotomoulded for a seamless, tough exterior, the UPC800 won’t dent, rust, chip, or crack. The full swing doors allow efficient access and their durable nylon latches open easily and close securely. The airtight removable gasket offers another layer of protection for meal service, and fast clean-up at the end of the day.

Cambro’s high performance polyester Century Wood Grain trays combine the authentic look and feel of wood with long lasting durability. They have the texture of wood grain and a beautiful matt wood finish and are available in five different finishes Critically, they are break-resistant and dishwash safe, making them ideal for any operator looking for a long lasting, stylish tray, even for intensive use sites.

The Century Wood Grain trays are scratch, shock, stain and chemical resistant and their tough construction means they can handle the knocks of the busiest environment.  Reinforced corners provide extra protection from impact.  The trays can handle a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to +90°C, they can be washed as often as needed and are dishwasher safe.  Their drying lugs means they can be stacked straight from washing, without fear of water pooling.

The Epictread trays are a stylish addition to high-traffic food courts, quick service restaurants and coffee shops. Their clear non-skid surface keeps meals and beverages in place while they are being carried to the table either by staff or customers. They are lightweight and high temperature dishwash safe being made of high-impact fibreglass. Available in six colours and in four sizes from 27 x 35 cm to 38 x 51.5 cm, there’s a choice to suit everyone.

For general catering and holding food for take-out, kerbside pick-up or delivery Cambro offers the Cam GoBox.  This strong, light and budget friendly transport solution is made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) construction.  It protects the quality and safety of hot or cold foods while they are transported or stored and lightens the load for employees.

Dishwasher safe and stackable, Cam GoBoxes are an affordable way to start a new catering business or add equipment for larger-than-usual events. Different coloured lids help identify contents or destination. Available as top loaders or front loaders, the Cam GoBox covers GN, 60 x 40cm, pizza, multi-purpose and beverage sizes.

To give visitors a flavour of the vast range of its solutions for the foodservice industry, Cambro will also be showing racking systems and warming tanks.