Pujadas helps caterers put a lid on it

FEM has launched a range of Polinorm lids, designed specifically to fit with the allergen-free range of GN pans, from Pujadas. The collection is available in the distinctive allergen-aware purple colour.

The lids are part of the Pujadas allergen-free range and are perfect for caterers to store or transport food. They are also microwave safe, so can also be used by kitchens where food is reheated. Able to withstand temperatures from -40oC to 110oC, caterers can freeze food in the pans and reheat without having to transfer it into different containers, thus avoiding any unnecessary contamination.

“These new purple Polinorm lids, coupled with the Punjadas GN pans, provide peace of mind to caterers who store food and ingredients in coolers, freezers and pantries,” says Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM. “It’s so important that allergen-free food is stored as safely as possible and that kitchen staff can easily identify it.”

Pujadas is one of Spain’s leading manufacturers of commercial cookware, kitchen utensils and buffet display products, boasting a reputation for innovative ideas appealing directly to chefs. FEM is the Master Distributor for Pujadas products in the UK & Ireland.