It’s frothy, man…  FEM launches clever Hamilton Beach Commercial blender accessory

Plus: latest ideas in ice safety and hygiene

Stand UL40, Restaurant Show 2019, Olympia London, Sept 30 – Oct 2

As bespoke smoothies, shakes and juices become ever more popular, FEM will launch a new idea from Hamilton Beach Commercial at the Restaurant Show – the Air Whip Frothing Jar.  It turns a blender into an aerator, able to create the frothiest milk or lightest of whipped creams.  The company will also show the latest ice safety products from San Jamar.

Hamilton Beach Commercial manufactures some of the market’s leading professional blenders.  On stand will be the Eclipse, a compact unit that combines one-touch operation with over 100 pre-programmed cycles.  Its Quiet Shield minimises noise, while its Wave-Action system delivers an effective, homogenous blend.  Also on stand is the Quantum high performance blender, which features Endura Motor Technology, a brushless motor that lasts two and a half times longer and operates 50% more efficiently than its peers – and is backed by a seven year warranty.

The Frothing Jar is available for both models and makes it a cinch to froth milk, whip cream and even emulsify sauces.  It uses a patent-pending cone agitator that turns the blender into an aerator quickly and easily, helping operators extend and enhance their drinks menu.

With ice hygiene a recurrent hot topic for TV and news media, there’s never been a better time to find out about the latest ice safety products.  For operators looking for a truly effective ice safety system, the San Jamar Saf-T-Scoop and Guardian is the solution.  The Scoop features a Germ-Guard that maximise hygiene by protecting the ice from any contact with hands.  Meanwhile the Guardian provides safe, dedicated scoop storage.  Just to make sure that everyone uses the system correctly, the Guardian can be fitted with an alarm that sounds if the scoop isn’t reinserted after a long period.