Go green at the festival

Parsley in Time introduces TableCraft’s eco-friendly alternative to the summer’s single-use disposables  

Summer’s here once more, and festival season’s truly taking hold. To help make the festival experience better for the planet, Parsley in Time has launched TableCraft’s disposable wooden plates and cutlery ranges, the perfect solution for a single-use purpose.

Choice is at the forefront of what makes a great festival, and this environmentally-friendly collection is capable of coping with an array of cuisines and dishes, to keep caterers, diners, and, not least, the world, happy.

This single-use selection offers a great choice of shapes and sizes, with plates available to be bought in bulk. Square and round plates can be purchased in packs of 25. The smallest disposable plate is a 9cm by 9cm square, while the largest is a round plate measuring 28cm by 28cm.

The wooden cutlery is robust but comfortable to use, and can be bought in packs of 100 individual units, of knives, forks or spoons. Meanwhile, complete utensils sets are also available, in bundles of either 12 or 250 sets.

“Many festival-goers are very environmentally aware, so they will be keen on sustainable options,” says Parsley in Time’s marketing manager Rob Blunderfield. “TableCraft’s range offers a refreshing and green change from the traditional plastic disposables that end up littering the site.”