FEM’s new website is big on looks and functionality

New features include a fast, comprehensive spare parts finder

FEM has launched a new website designed to make life easier for its dealers.  Alongside clean, fresh looks it’s also fast and easy to navigate.

Mark Hogan is commercial director of FEM.  “Appearance is important, but it’s the functionality of the website that we asked our developers to focus on,” he says.  “New features such as pay by card, quick order and spare part finder will be a real bonus to dealers.  It’s never been easier to find what you’re looking for … and, of course, order it!”

The site has a comprehensive and searchable database, covering products and brands and including a ‘find a distributor’ function.

A reliable and easily accessed stock of spare parts is vital for any equipment supplier offering a top quality dealer support service.   “FEM has a huge portfolio of products,” says Hogan.  “However, our new spare part finder makes finding the right part a doddle.  All the user has to do is click on the button on the home page, then enter a product code or use our filters to find it.”

The product search function has been enhanced, too, with the ability to filter results by attributes such as colour, capacity and size.

“We tested the site with a cross section of dealers and they were very positive about the new looks and features,” says Hogan.  “Spares are a bit of a bugbear for many people and the spare parts finder in particular came in for a lot of attention and praise.”

The new website can be found at fem.co.uk