Cambro food transport solutions for university caterers

Latest Camcarts plus lightweight food transport boxes

TUCO Conference, stand 112, University of York, July 29-31 2019

Cambro will be showing some of its market-leading food transport solutions at the TUCO Conference 2019.  They include a selection from the UPC Ultra Camcart range, described as ‘catering armour’, shown alongside the manufacturer’s most lightweight insulated carrier, the Cam GoBox.

Typical of the Camcart range is the UPC800.  This extremely tough, double-compartment, high capacity mobile cabinet is designed to store and move hot or cold food safely. Its thick CFC-free foam insulation and moulded-in handles make is ideal for events like banquets, maintaining food pan temperatures without electricity for four or more hours, while being easy to manoeuvre.  Because it’s rotomoulded for a seamless, tough exterior, the UPC800 won’t dent, rust, chip, or crack. The full swing doors allow efficient access and their durable nylon latches open easily and close securely. The airtight removable gasket offers another layer of protection for meal service, and fast clean-up at the end of the day.

The Cam GoBoxes are incredibly lightweight, yet can hold hot or cold food safely for several hours, without power.  They are made of an eco-friendly, high performance expanded polypropylene foam (EPP) material that is ideal for university caterers who need a convenient, durable food transport system.  Stackable, dishwash safe and very budget-friendly, the GoBoxes are available in a wide range of sizes and formats.