France’s best wine glasses now available from Parsley in Time

Royal Glass collection has been designed by experts to create the ultimate wine taster’s glass

Parsley in Time is now the exclusive UK distributor of the range of wine glasses from Royal Glass.

The culmination of fifteen years of research by acclaimed designer Jean-Pierre Lagneau and wine expert Laurent Vialette, the Royal Glass collection has been ranked the #1 tasting glass by the prestigious French magazine La Revue du Vin.

Using a specially formulated glass, the range has been designed to present wine at its best. The glass does not affect the taste of the wine in any way, making it ideal not just for professional wine tasting but also for any restaurant offering a quality wine menu.

Whether it’s red, white, rose or sparkling, the glasses allow every wine to reveal its full flavour profile accurately. Jean-Pierre Lagneau is a designer specialising in psycho-sensory analysis and bioenergetics who has designed many bestselling ranges of wine glass. Laurent Vialette is a permanent member of Grand Jury Européen, renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of wines and ability to identify the sensory profiles of ancient vintages. “In developing the Royal Glass range they have combined their expertise to create what is believed to be the ultimate wine glasses for professional wine tasting and high end dining,” says Rob Blunderfield of Parsley in Time.

The Royal Glass collection consists of the Polymaster, the Ultima and the Gran’Ultima.  They respectively hold 340ml, 400ml and 480ml. The Polymaster is the official tasting glass of the Grand Jury Européen.  All the glasses in the range use an attractive tulip flower glass shape, which has been carefully designed to ensure every kind of wine is presented at its best. The bowl is tapered, allowing delicate aromas to be retained before drinking, and the stems are designed to reduce heat flow from hands warming the contents too much.