Know your Sour from your Nick & Nora?

Parsley in Time launches drink-specific cocktail glasses

Mixologists know that specific cocktails taste better if they are served in the right glass.  Discerning drinkers are increasingly in the know, too, wanting their whiskey sour in a sour glass, their Tom Collins in a highball, and so on.  Now Parsley in Time has launched a range of cocktail glasses designed to help upscale bars meet those expectations with the perfect shape for the perfect taste.

The Drink Specific Barware range is manufactured by Riedel and features six distinctive cocktail glasses, each created to enhance drinks presentation.  They were conceived in collaboration with mixologist guru Zane Harris and take account of both traditional designs and modern trends.  For example, the Highball and Rocks glasses are perfectly shaped for their classic cocktail recipes, but are also designed to accept the larger format ice cubes that are increasingly popular.

Typical of the range’s attention to detail is the Sour glass.  Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager at Parsley in Time, comments, “With an outward flared lip, this glass delivers the silky smoothness of a traditional whiskey sour to your entire palate. Ideal for aromatics, floated on the head of a well shaken drink, this makes sours and daiquiris taste as they should.”

The six glasses are the Sour, the Rocks, for drinks on the rocks, the Neat, which is smaller than the Rocks and designed for drinks served with no ice, the Highball, the Fizz, and the Nick & Nora.  Of this last glass Rob says, “Named after characters in the film ‘The Thin Man’, this is the range’s most iconic glass.  The Nick & Nora allows for the correct delivery of a high alcohol content drink, like the Manhattan and the Martini, to the mid-palate.  The absence of this glass has forced bartenders to use champagne coupes in their place, until now.”

In addition to the six cocktail glasses the range has a mixing glass with pouring lip, and an all-purpose glass suitable for wines and bubbly.

Each glass variety is supplied by Parsley in Time in boxes of twelve.