Rational at the HCA Forum 2019

Taking multifunctional cooking technology to new levels

Hospital kitchens looking for energy saving, easy to operate, multifunctional cooking equipment will find it at the HCA Forum 2019.  Rational will be showing how its two market leading appliances, the VarioCookingCenter (VCC) and the SelfCookingCenter (SCC), can deliver all a hospital kitchen’s cooking requirements.

The VarioCookingCenter and SelfCookingCenter have taken multifunctional cooking technology to new levels.  The VCC combines the functions of a fryer, kettle, griddle, bratt pan, pressure cooker and tilting pan in one unit, saving up to 30% of space in the kitchen.  Its VarioBoost heating technology and the built-in VarioCooking Control improve efficiency, reducing electricity consumption by 40% and water usage by up to 70%, compared to traditional appliances. At the HCA, Rational will be showing the VarioCookingCenter® 112.

Meanwhile Rational’s market-leading combi oven, the SelfCookingCenter, is able to roast, grill, bake, steam, stew, poach and blanch food. Its intelligent functions ensure perfect cooking results, reducing staff time and power consumption, while the iLevelControl makes it possible to cook different dishes simultaneously in the same unit. Rational will be showing the SelfCookingCenter® 201.

Rational experts will be on the stand to discuss how chefs can use the VCC and SCC in tandem can enhance foodservice operations in hospitals.

Visitors will also be able see Rational’s ConnectedCooking network solution demonstrated on stand. The latest version allows users to link their Rational VarioCookingCenters and SelfCookingCenters to a network, and monitor operation and update programmes and recipes over the internet. Hospital caterers can check on overnight cooking processes from home, managers can check on operational efficiency of multiple units, maintenance engineers can check a unit’s status. Connectivity will make kitchens safer and more efficient, and make managing equipment simpler.