Christmas tree beer

Wondering what to do with your old Christmas tree? Well here’s the answer – drink it.

Lowlander Beer in the Netherlands is using recycled Christmas trees to brew a 2019 Winter IPA. The brewery is collecting used Christmas trees from Dutch consumers, bars and restaurants to turn them into tasty beer.

According to Bar Magazine Lowlander Beer’s chief botanical officer Frederik Kampman said: “Every December, about 2.5 million real trees bring Christmas spirit into our homes. By New Year, most of these end up in the chipper, on bonfires or piled at the roadside. We have found another use for them: in beer.”

Apparently over 600kg of needles are needed to produce the 2019 Winter IPA Batch of beer. Although only the needles are needed for the beer, Lowlander is going to reuse other parts of the tress to produce gift sets, sparkling beer and chips for smoking cheese.