FEM scoops ice hygiene launch

New alarm system will enhance hygiene and help eliminate ‘dirty ice’

In the wake of yet more ‘dirty ice’ worries, FEM has launched a timely device that helps protect ice scoops and enhance ice hygiene.  The Scoop Alarm Monitor (SAM) ensures ice scoops are always kept safe and clean, by alerting staff if the scoop is not returned to its protective guard.

The SAM is manufactured by San Jamar in the USA and is part of the company’s Saf-T-Ice range.  The Saf-T-Ice scoop has dual germ guards which keep knuckles and thumbs away from the ice, while its narrow chute prevents spills.  The scoop has a dedicated storage sheath, called the Guardian, which clips to the side of the ice machine or ice bin and keeps everything hygienically clean.  The SAM clips to the Guardian and, if the scoop is not returned to the sheath in good time, it sounds an alarm to warn staff.

“In a busy kitchen or bar, ice scoops can easily be put down and left exposed to potential contamination,” says Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM.  “The Saf-T-Ice range is designed to give the best possible ice hygiene.  SAM sets a new benchmark and, importantly, is very affordable – so any operator concerned about ice hygiene can quickly and cost effectively up their game.”

SAM is a new addition to the Saf-T-Ice scoop range and its alarm volume is adjustable, to suit the environment’s sound levels.  “The dual germ guards and dedicated storage prevent contamination – the alarm underlines the hygiene control,” says Hogan.