Ducks galore

Precision’s new duck drying and ageing cabinet for best taste, texture and hygiene

According to the experts, once you experience eating dry-aged waterfowl, you will never go back. It’s more tender, tastes better and the skin ‘crispens’ up beautifully. Fresh waterfowl can taste earthy and tough due to high levels of oxygen-rich blood, which they need for long-distance flights. That’s why dry-ageing is recommended. It breaks down tough muscle structure and removes excess blood. However, not every restaurant has the space to hang birds for the required time and in food-safe conditions.

Precision’s new refrigerated duck ageing and drying cabinet offers the solution. It provides the perfect temperature and humidity-controlled environment to dry the ducks. Its stainless steel construction and professional finish provide not just hygienic storage and ageing, but also look stylish so it can be used front of house, theatre-style, as a display to encourage sales.

The temperature can be set accurately from 1°C to 4°C with a constant humidity level of 40-50%. Automatic hot gas defrost and a waste heat recovery condensate vaporiser system ensure optimal performance.

Available in single- or double-door versions, the cabinet has three levels of hanging rail, with each rail having its own drip tray. Each hanging rail can hold nine ducks giving the DDTP601 single-door cabinet a capacity of 27 ducks and the double-door DDPT1410 a 52 duck capacity. There is a high velocity fan for each rail, ensuring even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet and hi/lo audio-visual temperature alarms. Door locks are fitted as standard.