Connected undercounter dishwasher cleans up at Restaurant 2018

Stand UG29, Restaurant Show 2018, Olympia London, October 1-3

Winterhalter will focus on two innovations at the Restaurant Show 2018.  Launching at the show is the company’s latest UC undercounter glasswasher and dishwasher, which promises outstanding results, water and energy-saving features and the flexibility to adapt to any site’s water quality.  The machine will be unveiled at the show.

The second innovation is Winterhalter’s latest Connected Wash technology upgrade, which will also be a feature of the new UC.  Connected Wash means operators can monitor machines via the internet.  It also alerts staff, via email or text, if something is wrong – from rinse aid running out to a potential component failure, helping ensure it always operates at top performance.

With major problems, it means maintenance engineers will know about the issue and can come and fix it before the machine breaks down – and they’ll know exactly what spare parts to bring, because Connected Wash will have told them, so they can fix it first time.

Connected Wash will also tell managers about potential running cost savings.  For example, if staff come in and regularly turn the machine on first thing, but don’t use it for a couple of hours, if will highlight the issue and suggest they leave it turned off until it’s required.  Alternatively, Winterhalter can activate the automatic start up function.

Experts will be on hand throughout the show to discuss all aspects of dishwashing, glasswashing and utensil potwashing.