Hi-performance warewashing

Hubbard Systems launches latest Comenda Hi-Line pass through machine.

The latest Comenda pass through warewasher, the Hi-Line HC14 RA, delivers superb wash results, is easy to live with and offers a wash cycle as short as 47 seconds.  Options include an energy saving system that reduces consumption dramatically.   The Comenda range is distributed in the UK by Hubbard Systems.

The HC14 RA is designed to be easy to live with.  Standard features include a self-draining wash pump, a choice of hood- or manually-activated cycle starts, stainless steel construction, integral water softener, electronic adjustment of the detergent and rinse aid dispensers, and a self-cleaning cycle that kicks in when the unit is switched off.  The machine’s wash cycles last from 47 seconds, on the fast, low soiling setting, to 240 seconds for the energy-saving ECO 2 programme.

The superior wash results are courtesy of Comenda’s clever Rinse Control Device (RCD).  This uses a pressurised boiler and a rinse pump to ensure that the water pressure and temperature are consistent throughout the wash cycle, so that everything comes out spotless.

Comenda’s optional CRC2 heat recovery unit lowers running costs by using steam produced during the wash cycle to heat the incoming cold water supply.  It can cut energy consumption by up to 35%.  Additional energy saving options include a double skin, insulated hood.

The HC14 RA accepts standard 500mm x 500mm racks and the maximum hood clearance is 440mm. The machine measures 624mm wide by 740mm deep and 1537mm high.