Surge in sales for paper straws

Parsley in Time expands its range of sustainable, ‘suck-proof’, straws

Parsley in Time has expanded its selection of paper straws.  Its new Monochrome range features a choice of straws, available in stylish black and white colourways.  They can be purchased in both  200mm (8”) and 114mm (4.5”) lengths, with a manufacturer’s regulation bore of 6mm, giving customers more choice for high quality, environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic straws. 

Single-use plastic straws have hit the headlines as an environmental disaster.  Parsley in Time has been at the forefront in bringing back paper alternatives to the hospitality market – with the proviso that they are up to the job.  “A key issue is that the paper straws need to be robust,” says Parsley in Time’s marketing manager, Rob Blunderfield. “In the old days, they tended to buckle under the suck… We now offer a choice of paper straws that are all sustainably sourced, and suck-proof!”

The Monochrome paper straws are specially constructed to aid strength and longevity, and are environmentally friendly.  “We hope by offering a real alternative to plastic we can encourage cafes, pubs, hotels and restaurants to only purchase recyclable options for their drinkers,” says Rob.

The new range joins Parsley in Time’s established choice of coloured paper straws, which are also sustainably sourced, recyclable and environmentally safe.

“Plastic pollution and wastage are at the forefront of some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues, with plastic straws seen as symptomatic of the throwaway, careless, unstainable approach that has developed in contemporary culture,” says Rob. “In the UK and USA it is estimated that 550 million straws are used on a daily basis.”

He adds that shows like Blue Planet 2 have highlighted the issue.  “Several organisations have created their own initiatives, such as Sky News’s Ocean Rescue scheme, and the ‘straw wars’ project, which has seen some of the UK’s largest catering names – including Wetherspoons and D&D London – abolish the use of plastic straws in their venues.”

This is a situation that Rob feels will become more common, although some operators still want plastic – but even here, Parsley in Time has found a sustainable alterative.  “For them we have been able to source recyclable PLA plastic straws.” he says.

He adds, “Meanwhile, on the back of Blue Planet 2 and the like, sales of paper straws have gone from a standing start to flying off the shelves, which is great news for the environment.”

The prices for the Monochrome straws are £5.73 per pack for the 200 (8”) versions and £2.94 for the 114mm (4.5”) ones.  Both sizes are supplied in packs of 250 straws.