All white now

Parsley in Time says white is back

After some years of colours dominating the tabletop, white is back.  Parsley in Time, the out of the ordinary tableware specialist, says that white is set to be the big trend in 2018.

“Although white has never exactly gone away, the recent tableware fashion has been for colours and patterns,” says Rob Blunderfield, marketing manager at Parsley in Time.  “In terms of table layout, the great thing about white is its versatility: it’s easy to pair different plates from different manufacturers, so the potential for unusual and striking combinations is vast.” White is, of course, the classic when it comes to displaying food.  No colour sets off chef’s signature dishes in quite the same way.

All of which means white is in great shape: in fact, it’s in an unprecedented number of great shapes.  “What’s different compared to a few years ago is the variety of plate profiles,” says Rob.  “Triangular, square, oval, oblong, ‘organic’ round or straight round, deep rimmed or shallow, plus there are all sorts of finishes and textures.”

With so much variety and potential, it makes sense to find out what’s available.  Parsley in Time has put together a Whiteware 2018 catalogue, in partnership with Churchill China, which is available free on request.  The company has an extensive showroom in London, where buyers can come and check out the wide range of designs available.  “We’re happy to let customers loose on the stock, so they can find out which whiteware is going to be right for them,” says Rob.