Plastics – kudos to olive oil supremoes Mother’s Garden

Kudos to our pals at Mother’s Garden, a tiny business in Priorat, Spain, that makes the best olive oil in the world (trust us, we’re in PR). They’ve won loads of awards with it, including the Delia Taste Test. Anyhow, they’ve always been hot on the environment and now they’ve stopped with the (recycled) plastic they had been using, and are going over to tin cans.
It’s bound to be a pain in the neck, especially for such a small company, and will muck up their costings no doubt. They say: “We recognise the urgent need for a reduction in plastic production and waste – David Attenborough, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are absolutely right – and so we have made this decision; the Mother’s Garden shipment heading for England this week will be our last using PET1 recyclable plastic containers.” We say, good for them. Go buy some of their oil here.