Multifunctional digital timers help deliver food quality and consistency

FEM’s Pro MZR line has a choice of formats to match the brigade’s needs

When the heat is on in the kitchen, timing is everything.  But not every kitchen is the same.  That’s why San Jamar’s latest range of digital timers, the Pro MZR line, offers a choice of formats and functions, to match the most demanding and specific of applications.

San Jamar’s timers are marketed in the UK through FEM.
The three timers in the range all feature magnetic backs or stands, for easy positioning.  The TMDGXL is an extra-large digital timer, measuring 89 x 83mm, with flashing LED and loud audio alarms to ensure staff know when time’s up.  The Touch Screen Digital Timer has a 76 x 76mm screen which features a power-saving display.  Both models can time up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

For really busy brigades the TMDGTE is the ideal solution.  A triple digital timer, it can time three events simultaneously, using three independent timer channels and displays, and offers stopwatch and clock functions, too.

“Being multifunctional, the Pro MZR timers facilitate multi-tasking in the kitchen,” says Mark Hogan, marketing and sales manager at FEM.   “Just as importantly, their clear displays, conspicuous alarms and absolute accuracy help with quality control and food consistency.”

They are backed by a full 12 month warranty and are available through FEM distributors.