I want to be drinking coffee

London Calling coffee is infused with the spirit of punk and London

Drawing inspiration from the energy of London and the attitude of the original punk scene, London Calling has launched a range of boutique coffee blends to stimulate the connoisseur’s taste buds.

The popularity of coffee has exploded in recent years, and today’s customers have come to expect high standards of taste from their drink. London Calling has sourced the best beans from around the world to create a selection of both blended coffees and expertly roasted single-source beans. Currently there are five blends. According to Joe Bedford-Stockwell, sales and marketing manager for London Calling, “They’re packed with enough flavour to satisfy the most demanding coffee lovers and leave them buzzing with pleasure.”

London Calling’s flagship blend is made from three different sources, combining Brazilian Mogiana, Columbian Huila and Honduran Arabica beans. This has an aroma of chocolate biscuit and butter, with a taste that moves from marzipan and subtle notes of honey-roasted nuts with hints of apricot, to a rich, smooth butterscotch and hazelnut flavour finish, with a strong syrupy body and vivid golden crema.

Rock the Casbah is a mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans giving it a thick, syrupy texture with a lot of flavour, making it ideal for milky lattes, cappuccinos or espressos. Combining Mogiana and Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo Arabica and Indian Cherry AB Robusta, it has an initial low acidity with a distinct malty sweetness developing through to the finish.

“Coffee drinkers are a demanding bunch,” says Joe. “They want strong, distinctive flavours. We took our inspiration from the original punk bands who helped change the world with their uncompromising, individualistic attitude”.

London Calling coffee is available as beans or ground, in packs of 1kg and 227g.  Catering packs containing 6 x 1kg bags are available.  For more information visit londoncallingcoffee.co.uk