No-nonsense grilling: Falcon’s latest unit is simple, robust, reliable and fast

ES6 rise and fall grill is a countertop unit that’s big on performance

Most chefs will tell you that the best cooking appliances are the ones that do the job they’re meant to do, do it simply, efficiently and reliably, don’t break down and don’t cost the earth. Any chef looking for a grill that fits those criteria will welcome the new Falcon ES6 with open arms.

The Falcon ES6 is an electric rise and fall grill. Its two powerful 1.8kW elements deliver rapid heat up times and fast cooking speeds. Operation couldn’t be simpler – to control heating, chef simply adjusts the temperature or changes the height.

Designed for small to medium sized kitchens, the ES6 is 1/1GN compatible and has a cooking area of 590mm x 320mm. The grill height is adjustable from 60mm to 200mm above the drip tray, while the temperature range is 50-300°C – making the unit suitable for hot holding as well as a wide range of cooking tasks. Designed to sit on the countertop, the grill has rubber feet to ensure stability and grip.

The two elements are independently controlled, so users can save energy during quite periods, or when heating small portions, by only turning on half the grill. Like all Falcon equipment, the ES6 is both robust and easy to live with. The unit’s stainless steel construction and IPX3 water resistance rating give it the protection it needs for life in a busy kitchen, and features like the removable drip tray make cleaning simple.

“Manufacturing excellence is not just about developing the most advanced products, it’s also about responding to customer needs,” says Barry Hill, marketing manager of Falcon. “Some customers prefer more simple, manually-controlled appliances, hence the reason for introducing the ES6. It does just what it’s supposed to do, and does it very well.”

The Falcon ES6 rise and fall grill is available through dealers nationwide, and is backed by a 12 month warranty.