The cutting edge of tomato prep

FEM’s new Saber Edge Tomato Slicer – a small gadget that makes a big difference to food prep

FEM has launched the new Prince Castle Saber Edge Tomato Slicer, which, like its larger siblings the Tomato Saber and Saber King, makes preparing fresh ingredients quicker and easier.

The Saber Edge Tomato Slicer is a manual food prep tool which saves kitchen staff time and labour. It’s easy to use – one quick downward stroke is all it takes to slice a tomato into 6.35mm slices. The slices then remain on the top of the slicer so that they can be removed without damage.

A trough located in the base catches any excess juice from the tomatoes, keeping the work surface clean. The slicer is safe to use as it features an integrated blade cover to prevent accidents and the blades can be easily cleaned without being removed. The unit snaps in place so there are no fasteners to get lost or trap dirt.

The Saber Edge Tomato Slicer is perfect for kitchens tight on space, but with a high demand for fresh tomatoes to be used in things like sandwiches and salads, as it only needs approximately 254 x 254mm of counter space and is efficient, easy to clean and simple to use. As each slice is consistent it enables operators to get the most out of their produce and reduce waste.