Chic yet shatterproof:

Parsley in Time’s new practical polycarbonates have all the class of glass

Just in time for summer, Parsley in Time has launched a new range of ‘glassware’ combining the class of glass with the practicality of polycarbonate.  Made by Strahl, the range is elegant yet tough, chic yet shatterproof, and is dishwash safe.  A huge choice of designs is available, including cocktail, wine and beer glasses, goblets, pitchers and accessories.

Typical is the Vivaldi line of tumblers, which is available in a wide choice of sizes and shapes, including classic ‘on the rocks’ designs, as well as highball, collins, cooler and old fashioned, with capacities ranging from 8oz to 23oz.  Like all Strahl polycarbonates, Vivaldi tumblers are hand-finished to remove manufacturing join lines, mimicking the elegance of a classic glass.

Not only are the Strahl polycarbonates stylish, they’re also versatile.  They can be washed in high or low temperature programmes in the glasswasher.  For the presentation of chilled drinks, they can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator and their superior insulation properties keep them cooler for longer than glass.

“Strahl polycarbonates are the safe, strong and elegant alternative to glass,” says Rob Blunderfield, Parsley in Time’s marketing manager.  “They are ideal for outdoor drinks service, or anywhere that a classy polycarbonate is needed instead of conventional glass.  Because they are so durable, they’ll cut costs, since they dramatically reduce breakage and the need to restock glassware.”